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The Importance Of Indoor Ornamental Trees

Many people place ornamental trees and plants inside their homes and offices, to give the interior design of the office or home a distinctive and delightful look. The many benefits that indoor ornamental trees give to the place, so in this article we will highlight indoor ornamental trees and their importance.

What are ornamental trees?

Ornamental plants or (in English: Ornamental Plants) are plants placed inside the house or indoor gardens, which are grown for the sake of their aesthetic view, and this is the first purpose of them, and some of them have an aesthetic and purposeful value, that is, they can be used in the production of fruits, and they come in shapes and types And different colors.

What is the importance of ornamental trees for the home?

There are many important benefits that ornamental trees give to the home. Some of these benefits will be mentioned as follows:

Allergy prevention

Some types of ornamental trees can prevent skin or chest allergies, by capturing dust particles suspended in the air, which in turn cause allergies, and ornamental trees are the best for this task.

Mood improvement

Ornamental trees, through their beautiful colors and distinctive appearance, improve a person's health and psychological condition, and change his mood for the better.

Humidity equalization in place

Ornamental trees contribute to equalizing the humidity in places where air conditioners and ovens are located, which reduce moisture from the air, and can increase the humidity of the place by 20% to 30%.

Make sleeping more comfortable

Trees generally remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air, so a person can put some decorative trees in bedrooms to increase the rate of oxygen in these rooms.

What are the types of ornamental trees?

There are many different types of ornamental trees, and we will mention some of them as follows:

Magnolia tree

The magnolia tree is an evergreen tree, and the shape of its leaves is oval. These trees grow in the United States of America, and are suitable for placing indoors as ornamental trees.

Cycas palm

The Cycas palm is characterized by its leaves that give a plastic appearance, and it is considered one of the tropical trees that adapt to high humidity and moderate temperature, and it is one of the trees that extends its life to approximately 50 years, and the Cycas palm can be grown in pots at home.

Philodendron Perkin plant

The leaves of this type of plant are mixed with white lines along the leaf, and it is one of the plants that grow in Brazil and Uruguay, and it may reach a height of 80 cm, and it is suitable for the interior design of the house.

Calathea Medallion plant

Calathea Medallion is one of the most popular ornamental plants. Therefore, because of the view of its variegated leaves between green and yellow colors from the front, and red from the back, the origin of this plant goes back to South America, and the height of the plant may range from 40 to 60 cm. [7]

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