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When Does The Orange Tree Bear Fruit?

Growing orange trees is a great way to enjoy this delicious fruit directly from the garden, as citrus trees can be grown almost anywhere, and these trees are characterized by the fact that they bear many fruits in one season, so if you are growing orange trees in your garden, and you are wondering when they will bear fruit or the reason for the delay The appearance of the fruit, so continue reading this article, until you look forward to the answer:

When does the orange tree bear fruit?

The orange tree usually begins bearing fruit when the trees are between 3 and 6 years old, however, this may change according to the type and variety of oranges, the prevailing climate, the health of the tree, the amount of care it takes, and many other factors. It should be noted that the flowering of the tree is not seasonal, but the tree blooms often When the weather is warm with regular rainfall, flowers and fruits may appear on the plant at the same time.

As for the mature orange trees, once the orange tree begins to bear fruit, it will produce fruit continuously annually under good climatic conditions and ideal soil. short.

Reasons why the orange tree does not bear fruit

If the orange tree does not bear fruit after 5 years of planting it, this may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • If the trees are flowering, but not bearing fruit, the problem may be that the flowers are not pollinating, especially if the tree was planted in a protected area such as a greenhouse.
  • If the orange tree does not bloom, you must pay attention to the location of the tree and the care it receives, as orange trees need sunlight and regular fertilization.
  • Significantly low temperatures may lead to the death of flower buds, or prevent the buds from blooming, and it is mentioned that the appropriate temperature for oranges ranges between 13 to 18 degrees Celsius in the winter, while temperatures must exceed 35 degrees Celsius in the summer.
  • The lack of water may be a reason for the tree not bearing fruit, as the trees must be watered weekly in the absence of rain, and it is recommended to use drip irrigation or apply water slowly by hand, so that the soil has the opportunity to absorb as much water as possible.

Harvesting orange fruits

In general, the harvest of orange fruits takes place between late September and early spring, and it is indicated that the length of time required for the fruits to ripen depends on the type of orange, as some types of oranges may take up to 15 months to fully ripen, while others may need Some other varieties from 8 to 12 months only.

Signs of ripening orange fruits

The following is mentioned:

  • The color of an orange is not always an indicator of ripeness, as some ripe varieties may have a bit of green like Valencia oranges while navel oranges should be all orange.
  • Ripe fruits fall off the tree more often.
  • The best way to tell if an orange tree is ready to be harvested is to taste one or two fruits before harvesting the whole tree, keeping in mind that the citruses will not ripen once removed from the tree.
  • The orange should be firm, smooth, and heavy for its size.
  • Ripe oranges come off the branch easily when you pull them lightly, as unripe oranges are difficult to pull, so they should be left on the tree if you can't pull them easily.

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